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Advanced Classes
Advanced classes are available to licensed professionals in Aesthetics or Cosmetology. A copy of each attendee's license will be retained at school to be shown to the Board upon request.
Advanced Class Schedule
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Clinical Treatments
32 Hours   4 Weeks
This advanced class will prepare estheticians and cosmetologist to understand the foundation of chemical peels, its ingredients, strength, indication and contra-indication how they affect the skin and the anticipated results. You will learn Jessner, Glycolic, Salicylic and Lactic and corrective skin treatment plans. This course is a clinical class and students will receive a great deal of experience working with a variety of skin types.  You will learn how to create immediate and lasting results for your clients.  Boost your clients satisfaction while you boost your income
8 & 16 Hour Certification Classes available for experienced esthetician

16 Hours 2 weeks
This class will help an esthetician and cosmetologist to understand the principles and procedures for equipment such as ultrasound, exfoliation with cavitation, LED Therapy and electromuscular stimulation Understand the difference, benefits & contraindications from each 

32 Hours  4 Weeks
Become certified and learn how to properly use a microdermabrasion machine. Understand how it will help conditions like, sun damage, , open and closed comedones, fine lines, wrinkles and scaring. Learn what skin conditions you can treat and the ones you cannot. Learn the safe and affective way you can introduce
chemical peels within the treatment.

8 Hour Certification Class for Experienced Estheticians
8 Hours 1 Day

Understand the basics of aromatherapy, what are essential oils and where they come from. Learn the methods of producing essential oils and how the aroma can affect the body, the mood and the perception. Students will learn the properties and indications of different herbs and oils, and how to decide which aroma is best suited to a client 
80 Hours 10 Days
Be part of the fastest growing part of the esthetic industry. Learn how to perform IPL Hair Removal and Facial Rejuvenation procedures. Understand the use of energy and light  as it relates to hair removal. Feel confident knowing all of the safety precautions and  regulations. Understand and treat rosacea, hyperpigmentation, aging and acne skin conditions with great success. Know when it is safe to use an IPL treatment and when it is not
8 Hours 1 Day

Learn to perform an American, French and Brazilian Bikini with confidence and speed.  Students will learn difference between hard and soft wax and which application is best for which procedure.

8 Hours 1 Day
Students will learn the art of marketing their salon or services or soon to be salon. Practical techniques will be taught to increase your clients retail and
service sales.
Body Treatments

BODY WRAPS                                     
 24 Hours  6 evenings
Learn the most popular spa treatments in including the use of muds, clays, herbs and other natural ingredients. Understand the basics of by detoxification. Feel confident recommending the correct wrap for the various purposes such as cellulite, relaxing and detoxification
40 Hours  5 Weeks
After a detailed study of the lymphatic system and basic anatomy. You will  learn and practice the basic hand techniques of the lymph drainage massage on various parts of the body. You will understand the indications and contraindication as to safely assist in detoxifying the face and body with confidence.
Teacher is bilingual (Portuguese and English), has graduated in Physiotherapy college in Brazil and taken many body treatment courses in Brazil and USA, including a certification in Vodder. 

School will schedule models for practical training.

40 Hours 5 weeks
Learn how to help clients reduce the appearance of cellulite and re contour their body's.  After a detailed study of basic anatomy,
understand how to slim the body through manual techniques and LED light.  LED light will use energy producing packets of light to enhance fibroblast collagen to produce new collagen. You will learn how and where to buy the best products used with this technique and how to advertise it

8 Hours  2 Evenings
Learn the technique of salt body exfoliation and the effects on the skin
as well as the application of body bronzer to give the skin a golden tan with out the damaging effects of the sun. Spray bronzing is a great service to pair with a body salt glow treatment to offer as a service in your spa or salon.
Advanced Aesthetics For Cosmetologist
If you are already a licensed cosmetologists and would like learn more about esthetics, to add esthetic treatments to your practice, Flavia Leal has created an advanced esthetics course just for you. This 80 hour class will teach you everything you need to become a successful esthetician. Learn how to use a galvanic and high frequency, woods lamp brushes and vacuum machines. Perform with confidence an entire facial from start to finish. Learn how to treat hyperpigmentation, aging, acne and rosacea with confidence. This is a advanced certification course.
Esthetics for the Cosmetologist 
80 Hours  10 Weeks